The Romantic Letterbox (Missing)  LbNA # 13769 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 12 2005
CountySanta Clara
LocationSan Jose, CA
Planted ByCellissimo    
Found By Fuzzy Moo & Aidan To
Last Found May 21 2005
Hike Distance?

Missing as of 9/21/05. I think the gardners got to it so I won't be replanting it.

This letterbox is hidden in a romantic spot in San Jose. The terrain is flat but not stroller friendly unless you don't mind going over grass.

Park on Naglee St and use the entrance gate that is at Naglee and Hadley.

Take your beloved letterboxing gear and stroll 300 steps along the path lined with red bricks. Go up the little stone steps and enjoy the view for a while. Look beyond the nearby trees and bushes to the grove of evergreens in the far corner. Head north over the hill and onto the walkway. If you're there while the flowers are in bloom, stop and smell a few. Electron, Olympiad, Iceburg, Tournament, and Artistra guide your way - don't forget to stop and smell a few along the way! Stop directly in between Taboo and Peace and find the slightly lonely evergreen. Do you want to keep that tree company? Head over, snuggle around the back, and look for something romantic hidden beneath bark and leaves...

Please rehide carefully. This is a rather popular spot, so please be discreet. Unfortunately, dogs aren't allowed, and the park is open from sunrise to a half hour after sunset. Enjoy!