Fire  LbNA # 13787 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 10 2005
LocationVolcano, HI
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This is Box #1 of Part #1 of "The Journies" series. "The Journies" are boxes that are remotely placed and difficult to get to. I highly recommend taveling in groups when seeking these boxes and they should not be attempted by inexperienced hikers.


Beware, those who dare to undertake the journey of discovery. The road is not easy or safe. However, the rewards are great. If you seek to truly know the earth and it's peoples, you must know from whence they came. You must find the sacred elements of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.

From Hwy 11, take South Glenwood Road (between mile markers 19 and 20) all the way to the end. It goes from two lanes, to one lane, to a dirt road, to a pair of tire tracks before you get to the trailhead for the Ka-hau-a-Le'a Trail. The trail is a challenging 4 miles through some of the most beautiful tropical rainforest you're ever going to see. Abruptly, the trail ends at the edge of the forest roughly 1 mile from Pu'u O'o vent--the site of the current volcanic eruption.

Here at trail's end, there is a sign that warns against proceeding any further (and don't do it--you'd have to be either stupid or a geologist to get any closer to the lava cone). Stand facing the sign and then turn 90 degrees to your right. About 16 steps away, what once was a tree stands in a hole in the lava. At the base you will find the element, covered by wood and rock.

Please contact Secret Agent Lover Man if you find this box.