Key to the city  LbNA # 13855

OwnerLavender and Lace    
Placed DateFeb 3 2005
LocationCharleston, SC
Found By Squatchis
Last Found Jan 11 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 4 2015

Charleston is a city filled with beautiful historic homes, narrow streets, hidden lanes and allies. This letterbox search will share with you some of my favorite places.

Fort Sumpter is off in the distance, the tallest high-rise south of Broad lies to your left and in front of you a tribute to 176 valiant young men.

Stand on the only foreign country represented on the USS Hobson/USS WASP.

At 52 degrees walk under the majestic trees, across the park to an old war relic mounted upon a slab of painted grey concrete.

From here walk to the gate in front of the house with the mansard roof at 35 degrees.

Walk toward Fort Sumpter until you reach the street of bells.

Go the wrong way up the street of bells for awhile. You will cross an ocean and finally come to "water." Continue to follow the street of bells past an old Charleston iron works well and a mounting block.(At the present time the city has decided to work on the sewers in this area, so the iron works well and the mounting block are hard to find. They are around the other side of the wooden construction walls.)

Quickly take a "Stoll" down the ally, careful not to miss it and if you come to the church, you have gone too far.

Pass under the wisteria arbor.

Your road will narrow, but keep going until red meets grey underfoot.

Turn north and walk until you discover who the governer of Charleston was in 1693-1694.

Stop and turn left down the lane and proceed to the third street lamp, careful not to trip on the old cobble stone underfoot. What you are seeking is on your left in the corner under a rock.

PLEASE return the box gently and cover well. Enjoy!