The Question - Part Three  LbNA # 13865

Placed DateMar 19 2005
LocationWorthington, OH
Found By Martini Man
Last Found Jun 3 2007
Hike Distance?

9/18/2010 - Status currently unknown but no reports of it missing...

Welcome to “The Question – Part Three”, the third part of a series of Letterboxes. As you may know, in order to get to here, you need to visit “The Question – Part Two.” Part Two will tell you the park location for this letterbox.

From the entrance of the park, go to the second road on your left. Turn on this road and go to the first picnic and parking area on your right (about 100 feet after the left turn). There should be some picnic tables and benches in front of you.

Go to the information board in this picnic area. It is the information board with a map holder on one end. Stand in front of the maps and face them. Look to your left. You will see a trail going downhill with a wood rail fence on the right side. The trail marker has a white up-arrow and a white bird on it. Take this trail.

Follow this trail down the hill, across the bridge and back up the hill to the bench at the intersection. While standing facing the bench, take the trail that goes off to the right. Hint: You will no longer be on the bird trail.

Follow this new trail for about 5 minutes. As you go around the trail, you will come to an intersection. If you take the trail to the right, you will pass some gravestones. Don’t take this trail! Instead, continue straight on this trail past the intersection.

After a short distance, you will pass a bench on your left. Keep going. Follow the trail up the hill. At the top, the trail turns to the right and starts downhill. Part way down the hill, you will come to a bench on your right. Go to this bench.

Sit on the bench facing the trail. At this point, look over your left shoulder into the woods. You will see a huge tree about 75 feet back. Go to this tree. Go around the tree on the left side. As you go around the tree, follow the trunk until it meets up with an old farm fence. Right where the tree touches the fence, pick up the fence and brush away the leaves. You have just found “The Question – Part Three.”

Although this is about a 12 minute – one way – hike, it does go up and down somewhat steep, although short, hills. It is a medium walk on good trails but easy to find. Please bring your own stamp pad.

Please place this back in the same spot and cover it with leaves.

(NOTE: Remember where this one is planted because it will be the starting point for “The Question – Part Four”.)