Along Came a Spider  LbNA # 13898

OwnerLeapin' Lizards    
Placed DateMar 12 2005
LocationRochester, WI
Found By The "Sneak"-ers
Last Found Apr 4 2013
Hike Distance?

On Hwy 36, just south of the Fox River, there is a parking lot on the west side of the road...the story starts here.

Tired from his travels, the weary Traveler leaned against the large stone for just a moment’s rest. He looked around. Which way to travel? Should he forge straight ahead, travel to his left or venture to his right? Facing the stone, he pondered his choices, then decided to travel the path to his right. He walked along, following the path as it curved to the left into the fragrant, towering pines. A few steps ahead, a little man with a stick showed him the way and he continued his journey deeper in the pines. When he reached the end of the woods at an intersection with a larger path, he ran into this little man again. Silently, the little man with a stick directed the Traveler to the right. Ahead, a bright orange arrow pointed to the left and the Traveler obeyed, turning left again and passing behind the large spruce. He walked along, humming to himself and staying to the right at the fork, so that he had the coniferous trees on his left and deciduous trees on his right. The familiar, steady rhythm of his steps took him up a slight hill. At the top, he stopped and looked up to see a twisted “Y” extending over the path. He turned to face the direction from which he came and retraced his last 11 paces, all the while keeping his gaze fixed upon the left, down the hill. A broken stump that seemed to point to the tops of the trees caught his attention. Behind this broken stump were two fallen logs that looked like such nice spots to rest and enjoy the woods. He made his way down the hill and took a seat on the larger log. Just as he was beginning to feel particularly lonely in his vast surroundings, along came Sam the Spider.

“I seem to have lost my beloved,” Sam the Spider said to the now not-so-weary traveler. “Perhaps you have seen her during your travels.”

The now not-so-weary traveler listened as Sam the Spider spoke of a terrible storm that had swept through the forest. He talked about the hard rains and the harsh winds that whipped and lashed through the trees. In the midst of the storm, he had lost his love, Sally the Spider.

“I crawled into this log here, and thought Sally was right behind me,” he said. “But when I turned around, she wasn’t there! And when I called out for her, she didn’t answer. I’m afraid the wind must have carried her away.”

Sensing the sadness in Sam the Spider’s voice, the not-so-weary traveler replied, “I’m sorry to say I have not seen your beloved Sally over the course of my travels. But I would be happy to help you find her.”

Overjoyed, Sam the Spider crawled into the not-so-weary traveler’s front pocket. Together they returned to the path, turning left and retracing the traveler’s steps until they came to a large “T” with the wider path. They traveled to their left and up the hill and followed the path’s curves until reaching a birdhouse on their right. Near the birdhouse, and also on their right, another path curved up the side of a hill. They took this path, enjoying a moment’s rest on a bench before continuing their search for Sally. Soon they came to the river and followed the path by walking along the ridge. They continued to follow the path when it made a bend to the right and ascended up a long, winding hill. Huffing and puffing, the once-again-weary traveler decided to stop halfway up the hill.

“Let me rest for just a moment on that rock to our left,” said the once-again-weary traveler, pointing to a rock about eight paces off of the path.

He took a seat on the rock. Sam the Spider crawled out of his pocket and sat beside him.

“Could it be?” Sam said with excitement? Something, or someone, in the logs behind the rock had caught his attention. “Sally?” he called out cautiously.

“Sam?” a quiet voiced responded. “Sam, is it you?”

The traveler scooped Sam the Spider into his hand, carried him to the logs and reunited him with his love.

(NOTE: After stamping in and rehiding the box, return to the path. Continue up the hill and along the path, keeping the river to your right.)