Campfire  LbNA # 13903

Placed DateMar 20 2005
LocationTyler, TX
Found By DKKD
Last Found Mar 13 2015
Hike Distance?

Revamped and in place 03/21/09

This box was created and placed by NorthStars, who graciously allowed me to adopt this awesome box!

Box is permitted by the park.


This was our fist visit to Tyler and the State Park. Since we are originally from Minnesota the lake, the cool weather and the tall sweeping pines made us feel right at home. We highly recommend this State Park!!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Tyler State Park is 985.5 acres in Smith County, north of Tyler. The park includes a 64-acre lake. The land was deeded by private owners in 1934 and 1935; original improvements were made by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The park opened in 1939.

Activities: Activities include picnicking; camping; boating (motors allowed - 5 mph speed limit); boat rentals; fishing; birding; hiking; mountain biking; lake swimming (in unsupervised swimming area); and nature study!

Just a quick reminder... Be on the lookout for snakes. They can blend in so make noise, watch where you walk and maybe bring a walking stick to clear the way.

Now for the box. Starting at campsite 55 located in area 3: Big Pines Trailer Camping Area there isn't much place to park right there, but there are a few spaces by the shower room just a few sites away where you enter into section 3. From site 55 you will see a metal gate that marks the start of the trail. You will be heading South on the West side of the lake. The trail starts out in the open and winds into a tree covered area. You will pass a couple of benches to your left where you could enjoy a view of the lake or take a quick rest. Continue on the trail until you come to a small wooden bridge at the creek. There is a little unmarked trail to the right before you cross the bridge. Follow the little trail(west) as it meanders along the little creek. The creek turns into sort of a man made rain drain made of cement. Walk until this rain drain/creek comes to little rock dam and a drop off. The trail also comes to a small clearing at this point too. Grab your compass and head due north 48 paces off the trail through the pines and vines and you will come to a tall pine and at the base you will find a rock on the north side of the tree under the leaves. There you will find the box. Good luck and send back updates!