Tyler State Park  LbNA # 13904

Placed DateMar 20 2005
LocationTyler, TX
Found By Adams Trails
Last Found Sep 24 2009
Hike Distance?

Revamped and in place, March 21, 2009

This box was created and placed by NorthStars, who graciously allowed me to adopt this lovely box! This box is permitted by the park.


This is located in Tyler State Park.

See the Campfire Letter Box and you will be close to this one as well.

If you have found your way to the small wooden bridge that crosses the small creek continue on the main path around the lake. Keep walking until you see a set of stairs that lead down to the fishing dock. Before you get to the dock there is a trail that heads off to the right and follows right along the bank of the lake. Enjoy the close up view of the lake as you wind along it's shores. You will pass two sets of picnic benches up on a hill to your right the trail winds to the right and you can see a little bay up and to your left. A short distance after the trail bends you will see a small trail to your right that goes up the hill about 10 paces. There are two rail road ties making steps on this little trail. There is a tree with one large trunk and one small trunk to your right at the top of that little trail. At the base of that tree on the lakeside you will see a rock and there the box will be. Keep your eyes peeled for other hikers/picnic groups etc...At the top of this little trail you can see the picnic tables that you just passed so be careful not to be seen. ;) Please send back status updates of this box.

Good Luck