The Little J Series  LbNA # 13917

OwnerA-Bear (&J-Bear)    
Placed DateMar 22 2005
LocationLorton, VA
Found By Super Rod
Last Found Mar 13 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 10 2015

Summer 2010-Reports that ALL DONE is missing???

Placed by A-Bear

I came out east to spend a few weeks with my sister who recently had adorable "Little J." This series is placed in his honor.

Grab a trail map at the kiosk and start hiking. =-)

A lovely hike through the woods at Accotink Bay Wildlife Refuge. Allow 2 hours for your adventure and also bring clues to find Jolly G-Man's letterboxes.

The trail was muddy part of the way when I was here so wear appropriate shoes. I saw deer, osprey, blue heron too. For all the boxes the loop is about 5 miles.

Enjoy your adventure.

From I-95 take the Ft Belvoir/Newington exit to the southern leg of Fairfax Cty Parkway (Route 7100). Follow the parkway east @ 3 miles until its end at Richmond Highway (Rte 1). Turn left onto Rte 1, North.

During the week enter through Tulley Gate (0500-1900). Follow Rte 1 north to the first light and make a right into Tulley Gate. This is Pohick Rd. Follow Pohick Rd to the refuge main entrance ahead on the right. There's usually a guard at this checkpoint, simply turn right and park in the parking lot near the restrooms.

During weekends, enter through Pence Gate. Follow Rte 1 north to the second light and turn right into Pence Gate. This is Belvoir Road. Proper identification is required at the gate. Tell the guard that you are headed to the Refuge and follow their instructions (id card, vehicle registration, and a quick car search is usually what's needed to enter). Proceed on Belvoir Road to 12th Street and make a right. Continue on 12th Street through the traffic light to Pohick Rd. Proceed on Pohick Rd to the refuge. The Main entrance is ahead on the left. Park near the restrooms as this is the start of the trail.

I had a wonderful trip and was so excited to meet Little J and to spend time with his family. I think you'll enjoy an adventure with him as well. So hit the trail and continue straight at the first Wetland Trail sign. Smile at the beavers when you reach the Beaver Pond Trail sign and continue straight 73 paces (146 steps) to a small tree with a green hiker marker at 5'. 15 paces (30 steps) up the trail from this hiker is a hollow stump (@ 3' tall) to the right. Inside this stump you will find Little J waiting to meet you.

After you safely conceal Little J continue on your adventure straight ahead. New born babies need lots of sleep, but they sure make it hard on their moms. Little J's been pretty good, but it's definitely time to sleep. So cross the fun, wobbly bridge and count tadpoles and turtles. Off the bridge go right on the Accotink Creek Trail. Turn left on the McCarty Connector. Follow this trail until you reach the "Old McCarty Farm Trail" sign. One step at 320 degrees is a small tree with rocks at its base concealing Time to Sleep. Cover me well so I don't slide away.

Well my visit has come to an end and back to Idaho I must go. My trip is All Done just like the remains the Big Birds leave behind. Continue on the McCarty Loop trail until you reach a small wood crossing. About 3/4 of the way across, stop and at 250 degrees spy a large siamese twin tree 2 paces (4 steps) away. On its backside in the stump the fish is All Done.

Continue on to find Jolly G-Man's letterboxes. Enjoy your adventure and let me know how it goes.