Bridal Veil  LbNA # 13933

Placed DateJul 3 2006
LocationCorbett, OR
Found By Stinkerbell
Last Found Jul 13 2007
Hike Distance?

Difficulty Level... easy
Kid Friendly... yep
Wheelchair friendly... Sorry... too steep with stairs.
Estimated Time of Hunt... 1/2 hour tops.

I carved this stamp over two years ago and have been wanting to place it close to the falls it's named after. I had it placed on the viewpoint loop, but since the falls trail has been reopened, I've re-placed it closer to the falls.
Starting at the information board in front of the restrooms, travel right down the aisle to the bride. No one in the bridal party wants to trip down the aisle, so be careful of the loose rocks as you saunter down to the alter. Crossing a footbridge and decending the flight of steps (think of what it took to get that concrete all the way down there!!) you'll hear the sound of the bride's cascading veil. One more footbridge over the bride's train and bear right up the hill for the view.
Pay your respects to the white cascade veil from the viewing deck, then turn your back to the falls. With your back to the falls, look up the hill and find the squared off bench marked by "EY/". Have a seat with your right side facing the falls and notice before you the knobby sitting spot on your right and a moss-covered sweeping oak on the left. At the foot of this oak is the remnant spikes and nails of the old viewdeck. Sneak a peek on the south side of this old sweeper to find a pile of rocks. There the bride awaits her stamping court.
This is definitely a high-traffic area, so please be discrete when locating, stamping and replacing the bride. We wouldn't want her to become a run-away!!!