Cheese Ranch  LbNA # 13942

Placed DateMar 22 2005
LocationHighlands Ranch, CO
Found Bytripman1 (Attempted)
Last UpdateMar 14 2014
Hike Distance?

This box is in need of care and better placement. I will update as soon as possible. Thanx!

Quick and Easy Box
Dog and Kid friendly


Take a right on to Crosspointe Dr. from University. Take a right on Sugarstone Cir. and look for the stone sign with Cheese Historic Park. Park in this area along the street.

Start on the path (don't forget a poo-bag if you have a dog with you). Take a trip into the past and read history plaque about the Big Dry Creek Cheese Ranch area. There are many plaques in the area so take your time after finding the box and enjoy some history. Take the first left fork in the path you come to. Stop at the Corn Cob garden, stand at the left corner post of the garden. The post is marked with the #32. Turn to your 302 degrees and take 27 paces. Here you will find an exposed root system between the trees. Under a flat peace of wood bark amongst the root system you will find the Cheese Ranch box. As you can tell this is a popular area so be discreet. Have Fun.