Come and Play  LbNA # 13956

Placed DateMar 23 2005
LocationOro Valley, AZ
Planted ByPat&Cat    
Found By Jandlittlej
Last Found Feb 27 2010
Hike Distance?

Updated March 2007
PLEASE re-wrap carefully, this one got soaked and had to be replaced.

Stamp hand-carved
Difficulty: clues easy, walk easy

The box is located on the southwest corner of the intersection of First Avenue, Tangerine Road, and Rancho Vistoso Blvd. in the town or Oro Valley. Go into the Walgreen's parking lot and walk to the east side of the parking lot.

Stop! Stop! Stop!
Do you see that girl?
May we please go and play?
Look down there.
See the funny dog.
The dog can jump.
The dog can play.

Shh! Shh! Shh!
See the girl.
Read her book.

There is Father.
We can say hello.
Sit with him and read the news.

Come here! Come here!
We see something funny.
Come and see the spinning girl.

Go back!
Go back to "Stop"!
She sees a light.
She sees a box on the light.
The box is not high.
The box is not low.
Go look!
Go find the box!

BEWARE! This is Arizona. Even near a store parking lot, you need to watch for rattlesnakes, scorpions, centipedes, and cactus - especially that small jumping cholla that is very near the letterbox.