Cobweb  LbNA # 13968

Placed DateMar 24 2005
Location???, CT
Planted Byhodsthorn    
Found By ???
Last Found Feb 21 2008
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Terrain, very easy; clues, fairly easy.
Distance: Not very far...

Save this box for a rainy day, but be ready to do a little research to find your way. To locate the “Cobweb” box, solve each of the following clues and seek out the answers.

In Connecticut, seek out a building named for a man who was a close friend of Governor John Dempsey, a staunch defender of the right of Americans to free education, and head of two different colleges in the state. This building was dedicated to his memory in 1984, on what would have been his 59th birthday.

When you’ve found the building, enter the main lobby. Count the number of turnstiles here, then go to the elevators and go to the floor whose number you’ve just counted.

When you exit the elevators, go through the doors in the direction of the place that Pavel Kononovich Sen'ko was the first to reach (according to the Guinness Book).

Now find the place on this floor where one can read about the “Travels Around the World” of a man who managed to be born in Florida and New York at the same time, was wounded in a plot to kill a president, and is now most famous for something once called his greatest “folly.”

Once you’ve found this spot, walk down this corridor toward the setting sun to where oceanographers hold their annual meetings. It doesn’t look like they’re disturbed there very often, does it? Seek the box with your right hand, if you can reach down far enough...

*Please* be discreet about taking and replacing this box--keep the secret safe for someone else!