Ghost town series box 2 (updated) replaced  LbNA # 14004

Placed DateJan 18 2004
Locationwolf creek, OR
Planted ByJerry & Nancy    
Found By feeling froggy :)
Last Found Jun 24 2011
Hike Distance?

We decided to do a ghost town series because we decovered that we have our own ghost (or spirits) that hang with us every day. So we started checking out the ghost towns of oregon and here we are.

How to get there:

If coming from the south take I-5 EXIT 76 toward WOLF CREEK.
End at Golden, OR.

If you are coming from the north take I-5 EXIT 76 toward WOLF CREEK.
Keep RIGHT at the fork in the ramp.
Stay STRAIGHT to go onto OLD HIGHWAY 99 S.
End at Golden, OR.

To find the box:

With little ones by your side and your best clothes on you would be here the first day of every week at 10AM.
Go inside and be reverant and learn alot more than you came here for.

Out the door and to the left, Here rest what's is left of the residents of this place.

Go stable your horses for a picnic with friends and if the call arises visit the privy made for two.

Before you leave to go back home, pick up some supplies from a merchant or send a letter to those far away.
While you stand on the porch look towards the old gold mine and see if you can find the coyote standing by the river howling at the sun. Now to find the letterbox, There are 6 trees that gave their lives to have the honor to hold this coyote up. One of them was even marked. The marked tree hides what you are looking for.
Now go down the path to the left and check out the wetlands that are there. during the spring the ponds are full and full of life like frogs, turtles, fish and all other kinds of life.

This box don't have an ink pad so you need to bring one.

Take lots of pics while there. You just might see a ghost or spirit in one or more of them. We did.

Happy hunting. (for letterboxes or ghost whichever it may

This box was stolen once before so when you find the box please let us know how it is doing or any comment you might have. or