Virginia State Emblems  LbNA # 14033 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 26 2005
LocationRichmond, VA
Found By hzoi
Last Found Oct 17 2010
Hike Distance?

Location: Deep Run Park, off Ridgefield Parkway, Henrico County, VA
For a map to the park, visit

Hunting Info: Paths are mostly flat with a few hills. Should take about 45 minutes. NO INK PADS INCLUDED. COMPASS NEEDED. This is a popular park, so please be discreet when stamping in.

As you enter the park from Ridgefield Parkway, you’ll pass the 1st parking area for shelters 1, 2, and 3. Go up the road and park in 2nd parking area. If you reach the Soccer Field, you’ve gone too far.

-Find two rows of bushes with a paved path between them that takes you across a small bridge with wooden handrails.
-Go between the bushes, cross bridge and turn left onto paved trail.
-Pass one pavilion on right and then walk through center of 2nd pavilion. Turn left onto paved trail.
-Go up the hill and turn right (still on paved trail) which will merge with another short trail coming from the left.
-Keep on this paved trail as you pass a PIGNUT HICKORY sign.
-A short distance past the sign, turn right just before the wooden RED OAK sign onto a dirt path.
-Follow trail to a GREEN FENCE and turn left.
-Follow the fence line (staying on dirt path) and start counting “No Trespassing Signs” (abbreviated “NTS” for rest of directions) hanging on the fence.
-Keep walking until you reach the 10th NTS and STOP.
(In case you lose count, the 3rd NTS is beside a STUMP that is almost as tall as the fence.
The 6th NTS is near where the fence line curves & there is a log across the path that has been cut out to allow the path through.
Across the path from the 9th NTS is a CEDAR TREE with pronounced RINGS around its trunk.)
-Walk 9-10 paces past the 10th NTS and stop with a Beech tree on your left. See the ESP (heart symbol) MN carved in it? While facing this tree carving, point your compass to 322° towards a tree with a log lying on the ground at its base. The log & tree will form a backwards “L”.
-Where the log meets the tree, in a hole under the log, is VIRGINIA’s STATE DOG.
-Please cover the box well with leaves after stamping in.

UPDATED CLUE on 11/27/08.
-Go back to the path from Box 1 and continue on down the path until you reach a GRAVEL PATH (it has wooden strips on either side of the path).
-Turn left onto the gravel path and follow to the PAVED ROAD where you will turn right.
-Walk down the paved road past a LOBLOLLY PINE SIGN leaning up against its tree, a few feet off the trail.
-Look for a BIG PIT on your left with a path next to it (Note: If you reach a Red Maple sign on your right, you have gone too far).
-Turn onto that path (PIT will be on your left) and follow it a very short distance to a perpendicular path.
-Turn RIGHT onto this path. You'll cross a group of logs over the path, used by mountain bikers. Keep walking.
-Look for a ROCK in the path with a big root sticking up just to its left. (You may need to move the leaves off the path to see the rock but the root sticks up high enough to see.)
-Stand on the ROCK and point your COMPASS to 266 degrees which will point you toward two small trees standing close to one another with a much larger Tulip Poplar directly behind them.
-You will find the VIRGINIA STATE INSECT LETTERBOX in front of the 2 small, OAK TREES under leaves and sticks.
-Since this box is very near a trail, please be sure to REHIDE IT WELL BY COVERING IT UP WITH LEAVES, ETC. Thanks.

UPDATED CLUE on 09/04/09.
-From Box 2, take the trail back the way you came and onto the other trail back by the PIT. You want to be where you were before you turned off the paved trail by the PIT. You will turn onto the paved trail and walk on, going deeper into the park. Not back toward the parking lot.
-Continue on until you see a wooden "DOGWOOD (CORNUS FLORIDA)" SIGN on your left (it may be hard to see because it is off the paved road a bit) and STOP a few steps before it.
-Look to your right and you’ll see a DOUBLE-TRUNKED DEAD TREE (one trunk is shorter than the other) with holes in it a little ways into the woods. WALK to it and then keep walking until you reach the MOUNTAIN BIKE/WALKING TRAIL created by the park. Turn RIGHT onto this dirt path.
-Walk about 11 steps and look to your right for a bunch of bark and leaves clumped in front of a PINE TREE. The VIRGINIA’s STATE FLOWER letterbox is there.

There are several other boxes in this park so you might want to print those out, too.