Foghorn Leghorn  LbNA # 14053 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateMar 25 2005
LocationHouston, TX
Found By Frye Team
Last Found Jul 5 2005
Hike Distance?

Difficutly: Easy
Distance to Letterbox: close to a mile.

Status of Letterbox: May be missing

The "Foghorn Leghorn" letterbox is located in Memorial Park, in the hike and bike section near the rugby field. Many boxes are located in Memorial park, and one other is in this area.

From I-610, take Woodway inside the loop. At North Picnic Lane, go right. As the road curves to the left and starts to straighten out, pull into parking lot on your right (you should see a baseball field on the left of the parking lot).

To the Letterbox:
Cross the bridge and turn left on the path next to the parking area. Go past the rugby field on your right on on into the woods. At junction, go right on PURPLE trail. Stay with the PURPLE trail at next juction. Keep going past PURPLE marker post on left. You will finally come to another post, with a YELLOW marker pointing left. Take this trail left until you reach a small wooden bridge. Now count 15 steps farther along the trail. Now go north, off the trail, for 15 steps to a large pine tree. Foghorn is waiting on the back side, covered with pine needles and sticks. PLEASE RECOVE WELL!

Let me know the status of this box: