Boiler Bay  LbNA # 14071

Placed DateJun 5 2003
LocationLincoln City, OR
Found By Felts Fam
Last Found Jan 20 2014
Hike Distance?

Boiler Bay letterbox is located at the Boiler Bay turnout on Hwy 101. Watch for signs to Boiler Bay, you can only turn West into Parking lot. This however is a driveby letterbox, but totally worth going to see the beautiful ocean crash on the rocks here!

Park your car. You must enjoy the waves while you are here. This is our favorite spot on the Oregon Coast,it is our tradition to pull in and watch the waves. Also Whales are here alot, keep a good eye out there.

Now to the Letterbox:

Find the Bathrooms. From the pathway in front of the bathrooms, turn NORTH, and walk to the wooden fence. As you stand at the fence, look east, see the bushes that are overgrown and almost engulfing the end of the fence post?? Go to the last fencepost, and behind the post and under leaves is your Boiler Bay Treasure.

( These clues have been changed slightly from the original ones. ) On June 17th, I totally replaced the box with a new stamp and logbook and box. This is a very wet place so please be sure to doublebag everything the way it is and seal well!! Enjoy this box, but especially enjoy this beautiful place!!!

Thank you,
The Lennen's 3