Something Fishy at Mansfield Hollow  LbNA # 14108

Placed DateMar 31 2005
LocationNorth Windham, CT
Planted Byhodsthorn    
Found By yakkman
Last Found Nov 27 2016
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy, apart from a few minutes’ bushwhacking
Distance: about 2.5-3 miles round trip

Time for a fishing trip down at Mansfield Hollow...

Head east on Rt. 6 from Willimantic through Windham. Just past the small airport on the left is a commuter parking lot—pull in here. This is the same starting location for several other letterboxes, so come prepared...

Head through the chain-link fence to the yellow gate which marks the start of the walkway to the Mansfield Hollow Dam. Walk along the top of the dike wall, enjoying the views of the Hollow off to your right.

Pass by another yellow gate (eventually...) and walk until you come to a pair of concrete benches overlooking the dam. Take a moment and relax here. When you’re ready, walk SSE down the dirt ramp to the base of the dike wall. From the base of the ramp, walk north alongside the rock grade until you reach the spot where the dike’s rampart off to your left (the spot where the dike’s walkway drops about 20 feet to the top of the dam) aligns with 300o on your compass. Turn to the right—there should be a group of birch trees here at the tree line.

Take a reading of 120o and bushwhack about 40 feet into the woods to a three-sister tree standing in a grove of young pines. From this tree, look 160o to a 5 foot long bent log about 20 feet distant. In the western hollow end of the log, find out what’s fishy underneath a rock and some birch branches. Stamp in and rehide well!