Prairie Flowers  LbNA # 14123

Placed DateMar 29 2005
LocationOmaha, NE
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?
Last EditedMar 14 2016

NOTE: replaced 3/07
A small outpost of neutral territory stretches between two kingdoms, one devoted to peace and calm while the other is ruled by a fearsome predator. The powerful ruler of the peaceful land wears a wreath of laurel while the other a crown, pointed and sharp. Both rulers possess the most precious treasure of all, water. The fierce one has his on display for all to see, while the one with a quiet nature keeps his safe inside a sealed metal box. Even the small buffer of land between the two kingdoms has itís own share of this priceless treasure tucked safely along itís northern edge, guarded by a grand snag. This solitary sentry salutes a flag to the south, across a patch of prairie, in the land of Kansas.

Continue toward the peaceful kingdom until you spy a row of pines beginning at 155 degrees. Enter a Cottonwood grove, the last before you reach the seat of power. Six grand trees stand proud while a broken brother hides behind. Where the broken top meets a young tree, the Prairie Flowers have taken root.