Haystack Mountain  LbNA # 1415 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 19 2001
LocationCastle Hill, ME
Found By perryblue
Last Found Oct 14 2006
Hike Distance?

Follow Rt. 163 West from Presqu'isle for approximately 15 miles. Haystack Mountain is on the right. Or follow Rt. 163 East from Ashland for approximately 9 miles. Haystack Mountain is on the left, just past the Haystack Mountain rest area. Turn up drive and park at base of mountain.


Take a NW trail up. At a medium sized boulder in the middle of the path, take a left at 270'. This is the easier way up, a blue blazed trail. Continue in a northerly direction picking your way up the rocks. Take care here with children and pets. This is kinda tricky. Carefully find your way to the top of the mountain.

At the highest point, notice the tallest lone pine. Facing South at the pine tree, walk 6 paces at 200' to Maine DOT survey control marker. Walk 18 paces down at 90'. In an old set of lichen and moss covered roots, you will find what you seek. Please rehide carefully and cover up when done stamping in. (If you think you may be one of the first to find this letterbox, could you please take a ziplock bag with you to put our pad and stamp in. This was the first letterbox we've ever planted and we forgot the plastic bag. I can't imagine what an Aroostock winter might do to an underprotected letterbox!! Many thanks to you!!)

Enjoy the view from the top. There are potato and grain fields to see in the summer, like checkerboards intermingled with forests. I can imagine the fall foliage views are worth the short, but steep hike too. Every year we hike this mountain (elevation 1,341') and we love it. It's short and sweet!!

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Planted August 19th, 2001 by the Bonnie and Clyde Gang of Connecticut.