The Answer  LbNA # 14179 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerM&8 X    
Placed DateMar 31 2005
LocationWorthington, OH
Found By Sirius Star Gazer
Last Found Apr 29 2006
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 29 2015

The Answer

This letterbox is located near Perry Middle School, where I attended in the early 80s. The Snouffer Road Park, next to the school, is your starting point. In front of the school is a traffic light. Turn into the parking lot there, and park in the first lot to your right.
From the parking lot, go to the "yellow one". Take the paved path leading to the northwest. Follow this path over the wooden bridge. The path will hook around to the south and follow the edge of a small wooded area. Continue past the parking lot, the baseball field and the playground. Stop where the paved path splits. Look down the dirt path into the woods for another wooden bridge. Take this path and cross the bridge. Several paces later, the path appears to split into several paths leading in different directions. Take the left path and stick to it. When you are almost out of the woods, look for a fence post with two holes in it on your left. Stand next to the post and take a reading of 240 degrees. About 11 paces away there is a large tree with a hugh "cave" in the base of its trunk. The Answer is sitting on a ledge inside that cave.
When re-hiding, be sure to push the letterbox up and back onto the ledge, so that it cannot be seen easily when looking into the cave. However, be careful not to push too far or it will wind up on the opposite side of the ledge, almost out of reach. (Yes, I know this from experience!)

Be discreet when searching for and re-hiding this letterbox. You can easily be seen from several ball fields.