Spring is Back  LbNA # 14181 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 3 2005
LocationIndianapolis/Castleton, IN
Planted ByTrail Mail Junkie    
Found By anniebananie
Last Found May 2 2006
Hike Distance?

Spring is Back

In order not to spoil Armadillo Jo's "thinking clues" one must figure out where Power of the Force is hidden. "Spring is Back" is a handcarved stamp that is emblematic of what I consider the first true sign of spring in Indiana. For those who were at the 1st Indiana Gathering, you may already have this one, I am re-planting it in a more public area. Kid and pet friendly. Not big enough for a hitchhiker. Hike with a buddy, as this is an "urban" park.

Clues (Alive and Well as of 1/04/06)

From Power of the Force continue up the incline in a northerly direction. The trail will pass wooden ties on the right and become more gravelly. Just past the apex will be 3 man made "rings" on your right. About 24 paces further up the trail (pace = 2 steps) you will come upon an opening with a lot of old pavement. Continue on the main trail and after about 70 paces you should be near a pair of Sycamores on your left with an "odd man out". Another 70 paces and you will see a trail at about 330 degrees near a rusty fence post. Don't take this trail. Continue 120 paces on the main "paved road" heading north. At about 285 degrees should be a trail. Take it and you'll know you're right if after 16 paces you see a reference to Golden Eagle(s). Stay on the trail passing 4 cedar trees to your left. 50 paces more from the last tree and you should be crossing over a small drainpipe. Keep going and as the trail makes a turn to the south count 14 paces and up a mild incline to a solitary cedar on the east side of the trail. Go to it (deer path) and on the south side of the trunk about 10 inches off the ground should be the small camo taped container. Please contact me when found and let me know its condition. Thanks. Trail Mail Junkie