James Schoolhouse  LbNA # 1419 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 20 2002
LocationPresqu' isle, ME
Last Found Aug 26 2009
Hike Distance?

Planted by the Bonnie and Clyde Gang of CT on August 20th, 2002. Easy.

Follow Rt 1 South out of the center of Presqu'isle. Follow the signs to Aroostook State Park off of Rt 1, but continue straight when the signs to the park indicate that you turn left. You will see the Launch Site of the First TransAtlantic Balloon Flight. You may want to stop here for an interesting visit. (We were going to plant a box here, but couldn't find a spot to hide it.) The James Schoolhouse is further down the road, about a mile on the left. (It is yellow.) Turn in here.

This one room schoolhouse was built in 1917. Peek in the windows and you'll see the school just as it might have been when children filled those seats reading from their books, the stove in the middle glowing with warmth, the teacher pacing up and down the rows, and one or two students day-dreaming out the long row of windows. Just imagine if those walls could talk, what stories they'd tell. The restoration of this old school is marvelous and has been filled with furniture and items of the era. The hours for July and August are between 1-2. Perhaps, you'll be lucky enough to be able to go inside if you go on a Saturday afternoon.

To find the letterbox, go left out back to the shed where they would have kept wood. Go around the shed. Now you are behind the school. Near one of the posts of the shed's foundation, look for a flat rock. What you seek is under there. Rehide carefully.