7,8,9 Biltmore - Weeping Tree, America's Castle, T  LbNA # 14192

Placed DateJun 28 2002
LocationAsheville, NC
Found By Roo
Last Found Feb 16 2014
Hike Distance?


Planted with the kind permission of the Biltmore Estate. Fee area; visit www.biltmore.com for admission prices and other information.

Leashed dogs okay; please pick up after them.

PLEASE do NOT lay lids, logbooks, or stamps down onto damp grass, logs, or rocks. This brings moisture back into the box and locks it in to ruin your stamp images and make the logbooks moldy. Also, please do NOT put letterboxes into plastic bags; it makes moisture problems worse, not better.

Park near the triangular fishing pole farm.
Figure on 45 minutes to hike, find, and stamp up.

No 7. Weeping Tree
Seeded 6-28-2002
From one corner of the fishing pole farm, follow the Deer Park Trail across the big field, across the road, along the creek, over a footbridge, and up the holler til you see the Weeping Tree. It's in it.

No. 8 America's Castle
Seeded originally in 2002?
From Weeping Tree, follow the ridge top on the Deer Park Trail toward the House. Go out the gate. Big tree on the right; behind it, a young pine and some felled limbs hide your prize. SHHHHH!!!

No. 9 Toe Cooler
Seeded 6-28-2002
From America's Castle, continue toward the House, BUT do NOT go through the iron gate! Veer to the left, following a vaguely mowed-looking path down the knoll below the Tower, past a concrete bench, and on down back to the road and the footbridge you came across. Re-cross the footbridge BUT turn Right and follow the creek (you'll cross it) all the way to the red brick bridge. Turn on your torch, enter the darkness, and look to the left behind an old cylinder.

You may retrace your steps, or cross the creek right there, and take a new ridgetop path back to the triangle fishing pole farm.