Reveille  LbNA # 142

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateFeb 23 2003
LocationCollege Station, TX
Found By Stepping By Faith
Last Found Aug 31 2014
Hike Distance?


"Reveille" Letterbox

College Station, Texas – Brazos County – North Texas Prairie Region
Hensel Park

Date of Placement: 2/23/03
Difficulty: Easy
Total Distance to letterbox: About 100 yards (one-way)
Placed by Baby Bear

Texas College Mascot Series

Status of Letterbox: Alive, but wet on 10/01/08!! (stamp broken).

The "Reveille" letterbox is located in College Station, at Hensel
Park, which is just northwest of Texas A&M University.


>From Hwy 6, go southwest on FM 60 (University Drive) for about 2
miles, turning right on South College Ave. Go about ½ mile to Hensel
Park on your right. Pull into park, and park your car at the end of
the lot, where the gravel road begins.

To the letterbox:

>From the parking lot, go north, straight down the gravel road
(between the bathrooms on your right and the picnic pavilion on your
left) for about 100 yards. As the road curves to a large picnic
table area, follow the left dirt trail instead. Go about 30 yards
to a trail T-junction, running left and right. Standing at the T-
junction, face 340 degrees (straight forward, as you were going). Go
off trail to the north at 340 degrees for 22 paces, down a ravine
following a fallen tree that will be on your left as you go down.
The box is hidden in this dead tree at the 22nd pace. Has been moved to "end of log near stump".