A Galloping Gander  LbNA # 14213 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 3 2005
CountyBritish Columbia, CAN
LocationVictoria, BRC
Planted ByTeamNorthwestPassage    
Found By el103
Last Found Sep 18 2010
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July 2008: ATTENTION: THIS BOX HAS DISAPPEARED!!!!!!! We live on the other side of the country, so we cannot replace... Sorry, friends!

December 2007: The owners of this box now live at the other end of the country. The owners recently received an email that this box is leaking, but they can't go and replace the box. If you are going out to attempt this box, if you could bring an extra tupperware box that would be WONDERFUL. Thank you!

February 2006: This box is alive and well!

This letterbox is placed along the Galloping Goose Trail, near Swan Lake. There are two potential starting points for this box:

(A) Park at the 'Lochside Regional Trail Saanich Spur' parking area (which only has three parking spaces). This parking area is located just off of Saanich Road, which is very near cross-road Lodge Avenue. If the parking spots are taken, or you are not sure where this is, use (B) directions instead!

(B) Park on Quadra Street, near the Quadra Street and McKenzie Avenue intersection. You will find that the Galloping Goose trail crosses Quadra in both directions (next to the Bottle Depot and the Salvation Army); this means that you can head in two different directions on the Galloping Goose Trail. You want to begin walking along the trail towards the Salvation Army--away from the Bottle Depot. In other words, you should NOT walk past the Bottle Depot. If you do this, you will be heading in the wrong direction!

Begin walking along the paved Trail, passing the Salvation Army on your left, as well as a very-graffitied Comino Carpets. Continue walking (5-10 minutes) until the Trail hits Saanich Road. Here, you will find yourself at the 'Lochside Regional Trail Saanich Spur' 3-car-parking area (see sign). Now you are ready to begin!

Also: Please don't forget to bring an ink-pad, because, sadly, the box does not have one of its own.


-Stand next to the large 'Lochside Regional Trail Saanich Spur' sign. Then, cross to the other side of Saanich Road and pass through the three silver posts at the trail-head.

-Begin walking. You will pass two cement-barriers on your right. Continue walking straight along the trail.

-Look for the first small trail on your right, which leads to the 'Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary'. Prepare to take this trail.

-From this new trailhead, take 43 large paces (37 seconds) down the trail. Note 'Mrs. Myrt Carter' on your right.

-Continue down the trail for another 23 paces (19 seconds), until you reach a 4-way trail intersection. Straight ahead, you will see Swan Lake and a beautiful wharf. Ignore them for now, and make a right at the 4-way trail intersection.

-Walk 72 paces (1 minute) down this new trail. These paces will find you at a large rock on your left. Stop.

-Continue along the trail for ANOTHER 76 paces (1 minute, 5 seconds!). STOP IN YOUR TRACKS!

-Here, you should notice numerous, large boulder-style rocks to your left, which slope down towards the lake. And to your right, you will notice an uphill embankment. Note the large, distinctive tree, which is located 12 paces straight up the hill!

-Scale your way up to this large tree (could be slightly tricky). Make your way 'round to the back of the tree. Face the large tree, as though looking through the tree straight down from whence you came--as if with X-Ray vision.

-From your position at the back of the large tree, look to your right, in a slightly downward direction. Can you see it?! It's blue and it's T_PP_RW__E!

-You should be looking at a very nearby cluster of roughly seven trees (roughly three metres away).

-Make your way over to the cluster of trees. Nestled in the middle tree, at goose-height, sits what you seek.