Rainbow Brite Series #6 - Buddy Blue  LbNA # 14219 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 28 2005
LocationBerkeley, CA
Planted ByClioMouse    
Found By Fred
Last Found May 15 2005
Hike Distance?

It would appear as though this box went missing fairly soon after having been planted, at least according to a recent discussion. Consequently, the location's a no-go and I can't get all the way down there any time soon. I'll have to figure something out, but in case somebody ever did find the box, I'll leave up the clues.


While traveling the U.S. Pacific Coast, I happened across Rainbow Brite and her friends, the Color Kids. Every 80’s child, and lots of people besides, will remember the cartoon girls and boys who provide color for Earth to make it “bright and beautiful.” I found all these colors on my travels, and you can find them and Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids, too!

Please let me know if you attempt to find these boxes! I cannot check on them all, being too far away, so please let me know how they are doing, and take along a rescue kit in case they need some repair! Thank you!

Rainbow Brite: Pe Ell, WA (Rainbow Falls)
Red Butler: Hopland, CA (Hwy 101)
Lala Orange: Hopland, CA (Hwy 101)
Canary Yellow: Paradise, CA (Paradise View)
Patty O’Green: Puyallup, WA (Bradley Lake Park)
Buddy Blue: Berkeley, CA (Wildcat Canyon)
Indigo: not yet placed, OR
Shy Violet: not yet placed, OR

Buddy Blue Letterbox

While browsing Berkeley’s Wildcat Canyon and Tilden Park for a couple of other letterboxes, I made a stop at Lake Anza and marveled at the beautiful blue sky. The waters are anything but blue, but perhaps Buddy will change that in the future. (Actually, with the amount of runoff I saw from higher grounds, I highly doubt it, but it would be nice...)

Hike Difficulty: Easy
Clue Difficulty: Easy
Dogs: Yes (scoop stations)
Bikes: Yes?

Directions to Location:
From Hwy 80/580, take the University Avenue exit and head east. Go all the way to the end of University, take a left onto Oxford St., right onto Hearst, and a quick left onto Spruce Street. Follow Spruce as it winds up a long, bumpy street until it turns into Wildcat Canyon Road. Enjoy the pretty drive, and take a sharp left turn onto the next street, Central Park Dr. The next road, Lake Anza Road, will take you to the lake. Park in the main parking lot, furthest east.

Directions to Box:
At the east end of the parking lot are two trails. Take the one on the left. There will be a building with a big “ENTRANCE ->” sign on it. Go down the trail to the left, not the direction the entrance sign points. Pass the no boating sign, and continue until you see a bridge on your right. Cross the bridge and find a small opening on your left that leads down a little path into the trees. Careful, it’s a bit steep! At the north end of this little enclave of trees is a pile of large rocks. At the north end of the pile is a rock that points E-SE. Behind its western neighbor, hidden by rocks, is the Buddy Blue Letterbox.