SPAM Town USA  LbNA # 14220

Placed DateMar 31 2005
LocationAustin, MN
Found By nancydrew2
Last Found Jul 10 2012
Hike Distance?


------------------------------------------------------------as of 3/28/09 - The Bear carving was without a head!!
as of 09/30/09 - The box has been repaired and the park is open!
as of 11/2/10 - The clues have been updated to reflect alterations made to the park.

Difficulty – Easy
30 Minute walk (roundtrip)
Bring a compass

When I saw the brochure for the Spam Museum in Austin, MN, it just screamed out LETTERBOX! to me. (Go to the Letterbox-USA yahoo group and click on Photos to get some info about the museum. Find the SPAM! album.) I was on vacation at the time (March 2005), and had just enough supplies with me to make a modest little microbox. Unfortunately, it was not to be long for this letterboxing world, and it soon disappeared. But now, thanks to The Two Freetimers, the SPAM! letterbox has been reborn. I carved a new stamp and sent it off to its new owners who have found a new improved hiding place for it. Best thing is now next time I'm in MN, I have Find to look for!


As you drive on I-90 thru Minnesota, you begin to see billboards along the highway advertising the Spam Museum. The billboards say things like "The Spam Museum-- Even we don't really understand," and "The Spam Museum-- Yes, we do answer the ingredients question." This sense of humor carries over into the actual museum, the shrine to the canned meat that is produced and packaged right there in Austin, Minnesota, otherwise known as Spam Town, USA. The SPAM museum, it attracted 60,000 tourists in 1997. Visitors enter through a large SPAM can into a small museum of glass display cases. The cases are jammed with artifacts, product packaging and promotional items. It is a fun museum to visit.

Pets are not allowed at the location of this letterbox. Be sure to bring a compass, and a pen or pencil to take some notes. Microbox, no stamp pad. Suggested colors: yellow and blue (Spam can colors!)

This letter box quest begins at the Spam Museum in Austin MN.
Your quest begins by exiting the Spam Museum parking lot and making a right turn. At the Stop sign make a right turn. At the 1st traffic light make a left turn (8th Ave NW)
Follow the road, past the Hormel Plant on your right.
At the Stop sign make a right turn. At the next Stop sign make a Left turn. Go under I-90.
At the ‘T’ intersection make a right turn.. At the next ‘T’ intersection you will make a left turn. Continue across the train tracks and then make a right turn. (Waste Management will be on your right).
You will see two stone pillars marking the entrance to Todd Park. Continue down this street until you can make the 1st left turn into the park. If there is a baseball diamond on your left and a shelter and restrooms on your right, you are in the correct spot.
Park at the north end of the lot. Walk north along the stream (keeping the water to your left) until you come to a paved path. Turn left on the path and cross the bridge. Follow the path until you get to the intersection. On the left you will see an area with boulders. Count the number of boulders. Enter this number next to “A” at the end of the instructions.
Leave the area with the boulders and continue on the paved path walking towards the shelter with the green roof. Now head towards a playground that ‘Barney’ would love ! Count the number of horses, and enter the number next to “B”. Walk around the playground to locate the “Game GT Time” sign. Turn east ward and head toward the small bridge. Cross over the bridge. Look 90 degrees to you left and spot another shelter. Walk around the pond and over to that shelter.
There will be some playground equipment there. Count the number of slides and enter the number next to “C”. Look at the slide. On how many steps does the word ‘AMERICAN’ appear ? Enter the number next to :D:.
Count the number of swings and enter the number next to “E”.
Continue walking on the paved road keeping the swings and shelter to your left. Continue walking towards the 3 tall tree stumps on the sides of the road. Stand in front of the first stump on the right and find “XYZ” degrees on your compass. Walk in this direction toward the tree line, past the 2 large boulders). Continue into the woods for about “NN” paces toward a 2ft high tree stump.
The box will be in an opening at the base of the stump.

A = _________B= _________C=__________D=__________E=__________
Move the above numbers into values below.

(A) minus (D) = X
(B + C) = Y
(A-C) minus D = Z
(B + C + D) = NN

X= ____ Y=_____ Z=______ NN=_________

The original stamp was hand carved by FungusWoman
The current stamp was hand carved by MN Compass

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