Letterbox of the Month Club - March  LbNA # 14251 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerM&8 X    
Placed DateMar 31 2005
LocationDelaware, OH
Found By VanMan
Last Found Mar 24 2007
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Letterbox of the Month Club - March

Letterbox of the Month Club

This is the first box in a monthly series. Each box will commemorate a special historical event that occurred during that particular month.

To find this box you will need to go to the Perkins Observatory on 23. It is just north of Cheshire Rd., between Delaware and Columbus.

From the parking lot, make your way to the stone statue that sits in the open grassy area. On one side there is an inscription indicating which class it was donated by. Find the inscription and make a note of the year. Take the year, as written, and walk that many paces (2 steps = 1 pace) in the direction of 160 degrees. You should have arrived at a large evergreen tree about half way between the driveway and the tree line. Look due south and you will see a fallen log. Walk toward the log until you reach the tree line, then stop. Now, turn right and follow the tree line. Do you remember the year from the statue? Walk this many paces, again. You should have reached a large evergreen tree, again. Face the tree and look right. Hopefully you will see a large fallen tree. The letterbox will be under the west side of this tree about a foot from the roots.

Be discreet when searching for and re-hiding this letterbox. You can easily be seen from several buildings and roads.

Once you have found the letterbox and you want to know the story behind this historical event, go to www.OutOfSightAdventures.com. Click on LBMC and select the correct month and year, and you will get the inside scoop.