Big Foot  LbNA # 14260

OwnerLeapin' Lizards    
Placed DateMay 5 2004
LocationLake Geneva, WI
Found By The Britcon Pride
Last Found Aug 15 2014
Hike Distance?

This box has been replace in a new location. 8/6/13

Upon entering the location, which just happens to be the box's namesake, drive ahead and park at the small parking area on the right, between the monkey bars and the second sand volleyball court. Here is where the story gets interesting. . .

You park your car and decide to have a picnic lunch. You’re relaxing, enjoying this beautiful day, eating your lunch when SUDDENLY you hear a rustling in the woods behind the volleyball court. You put down your sandwich and stand to get a better look. No way! You thought he was only a myth, a "rural" legend! But NO! There stood Big Foot at the edge of the woods and he was eying that sandwich... or maybe YOU!

You drop the sandwich and run towards the woods across the road. You think of running to the bathrooms but realize that just wont do. You charge up the hill only to be met by a 5-way intersection. Which path to take?!? You hear Big Foot coming up the hill, huffing and puffing and sounding very hungry! You decide to take the path that seems most natural. You follow the path around to a T and take a right. You notice that Big Foot doesn't seem so close behind you anymore. As you ponder your next move you hear Big Foot in the woods and decide you better find a hiding place . . . and quick! Just before a fallen, decaying tree on the right you spot a small side path leading into the woods. Follow it as it snakes around. Suddenly, you see Big Foot through the trees on the main path to you left. Quickly and quietly you head down the trail to a four trunk tree and hide in the center.