Rocky Bayou trot Trail  LbNA # 14284 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 28 2005
Locationniceville, FL
Found By sewsewbizzy
Last Found Oct 17 2005
Hike Distance?

travel to the fred ganyon rocky bayou state park in niceville florida. This park used to be used as a bombing target practice for doolittles raiders during world war 2. In fact you might be able to find some of the concrete pieces they dropped during bombing runs in preparation for the big bomb. Take the rocky bayou trail in the park and travel along the path through a stand of old southern magnolias. Continue on around the trail to find a single fence post with a old rail which has been removed. You may see some fallen trees left over from Hurrican Ivan last september but most have been removed. Cross over the fence post about 20 paces to a real tall long leafed pine tree(probably the tallest one around). Face west and count out 10 paces to a big fallen tree which looks folded over. The letter box is inside this folded over section. Happy hunting