Fisherman series  LbNA # 14326

Placed DateApr 8 2005
CountyDeer Lodge
LocationWarm Springs, MT
Found By WildKratts
Last Found Aug 29 2015
Hike Distance?

This series of four boxes is just off I-90 exit #201. Go east when exiting the interstate and stop at the orientation kiosk to check the map & pick up the self guiding auto tour brochure.

Boxes 1 & 2:

Just past the orientation signs turn right (south) on a gravel road. For box 1 park at the Silver Bow discharge area. There arealmost always fishermen parked here. Proceed through the gate and follow the road east walk past two orange pipeline posts. The road will dip through a ditch and you'll see an old metal fence post on the north side. Take 10 steps to the north on the west side of the ditch and you'll be near a dirt/gravel pile. Look under rocks near a large grass clump for the first fisherman.

Box 2 reported missing.

Return to the parking lot and drive south to the end of the road. This is the Mill-Willow Bypass area. Again park & proceed through the gate. Go down hill towards the creek. You'll see four large cottonwood logs lying together. Look under the north end of the middle logs for this fisherman. Be sure to take note of his nest as you drive back to the main road.

Box 3:

Next you want the Eagle parking area. This is not marked on the auto tour map but is on the south side of the road just across the Clark Fork river (past the Clark Fork headwater parking area.) Pass through the fence and walk down the road past all the nesting boxes. Where the road splits stay left (away from the buildings) cross the dike road and walk to the "no swimming" sign. Take about 20 steps past the sign & look to your right. You'll see a large bush a short ways off. Proceed to that bush and on its south side look under a pile of dead sticks for fisherman #3.

Box 4:

After returning to your car drive along the east side of the wildlife area to the Rookery parking area. Walk past the picnic shelter and through the rookery entrance. Continue west along the wide gravel path. As you near the big cottonwoods with the nests in them the path will bear left (south) and then Y. Take the left hand branch towards a marble bench. Stand facing the bench and to your right there will be four small trees in a row. Look under the the rocks at the base of 2nd tree for the last fisherman.