Skolfield Preserve  LbNA # 1433

Placed DateApr 28 2003
LocationBrunswick, ME
Found By Robin's Nest
Last Found Jul 28 2010
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Skolfield Preserve

Originally placed by Maine Genealogist and adopted in August 2008 by Teacup.

From the town of Brunswick, turn onto Rt. 123, Sills Drive. Follow Rt.123 past the Brunswick Common on your right, past the Brunswick Naval Air Station gate and Middle Bay Rd intersection. Continue on Rt. 123 for another couple miles. You'll come to an open/fenced in field on your left. There will be a driveway that splits the field in half. Skofield Preserve is across from the field. A brown wooden sign marks the entrance.

Park your vehicle off to the right and enter the trail. At the recognition sign there is a trail to the left which is circular and comes back to the trail straight ahead. There is another trail to your right and this one you'll take. Cross over the bridge and bear right at the granite stone with the pipe marker keeping it on your left. Continue following the trail. Pretty soon you'll be able to see the water off to your right thru the trees. Eventually you'll
come to a sort of point and if you look thru to the marsh you might see egrets, blue heron or willetts (a member of the sand piper family). This is a great place to enjoy a picnic.

Continue on in a counterclockwise direction until you come to the Salt Marsh sign. As you stand looking at the sign, look over your left shoulder. Search the pile of deadwood near the base of a LARGE pine tree that is next to a TINY spruce tree. Your quest is a green covered tupper tub. After stamping and logging in, continue on the trail counter- clockwise. If you see a lot of fresh woodchips at a slight bend in the trail, you've discovered a major house construction project being done by the pileated woodpeckers. If you look up you may get to see one of them sitting in her house. Further along on the left are two woodchuck/groundhog holes in the bank. The trail now leads you back over the bridge and out to the entrance.

This is a great trail for kids, but you might want to bring along some bug dope as even in August they're out looking for a meal.

Maine Genealogist
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