Pott at the Sea  LbNA # 1434

Placed DateJul 16 2002
LocationHarpswell, ME
Planted ByMaine Genealogist    
Found By Oceanwytch
Last Found Aug 19 2007
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Pott at the Sea

5/6/06 - Box is replaced!!! couple more clues at end.
7/5/03 - Box is replaced!!!
POTT at the SEA- Harpswell, Maine, planted 16 July 2002, by Maine Genealogist

This is an ideal letterbox for children, but you'll want to check the tide charts at http://www.maineharbors.com/tide1.htm (South Harpswell) because the hike and beach exploration are more enjoyable from 3 hrs AFTER high tide to about 3 hrs BEFORE the next high tide. It takes about 6 1/2 hrs for the tide to go out and then another 6 1/2 for it to come back in.

Drive to Brunswick, Maine.

From the south take Maine Street exit off Route 1 and proceed toward church at top of hill. Get in left lane and bear left around church. You are now on the Bath Road. At the 1st traffic light turn right on Sills Drive/Route 123.**

From Route 1 North, take Cooks Corner Exit. At traffic light turn right on Bath Road. Go to the 4th traffic light and turn left on Sills Drive/Route 123.**

** Follow Route 123 all the way to the end (approx 15 miles), and if you want the drive to be free, comply with the various posted speed limits, otherwise it's a 'costly' drive. "Dick's Dock" is at the end where you should make plans to buy lobsters after your search is complete!

There is a small 'town landing' where boats, canoes & kayaks may be launched. After finding a parking spot, begin your quest for the POTT by the SEA.

Walk up the dirt road (Potts Point Road) and bear right. On your left is Merriconeag Sound and the small island right in front with the cottage is Pinkham Island and is privately owned. Further across is Bailey Island. Note the World War II lookout towers at the end of Bailey. These are on private property. Looking off the end of Bailey Island you may spot the "Scotia Prince", a cruise ship which sails nightly from Portland, Maine to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. She comes 'in' around 6-7pm and goes 'out' around 9:30-10:30pm from May to October. Take in the smells of the sea roses, wild morning glories and salt air. Make sure the colorful fish on your right doesn't hook you and beware that the lobster on your left doesn't grab you as you continue down the road.

At the end of Potts Point Rd, descend down thru the narrow road and pass through the rocks. You've arrived at the point. Bear to the left, and if the tide is out, there is a wonderful tidal pool for the children to study and explore for Maine sealife. Unique shells, and possibly sea glass can be found along the beach. This is a great place for a picnic or an afternoon of relaxation. Check out the various colored 'lobster pots' sticking up out of the water. Each lobsterman has his own unique paint scheme. At the end of each pot the lobsterman has placed a trap to catch lobster, sometimes up to 7 or 8 traps on one string! You'll see the working lobstermen hauling their traps, except on Sunday.

Once you come to the end of the point, you will see Haskell Island (privately owned) to your left across the channel. Eagle Island State Park, home of Robert Peary who discovered the North Pole, is straight out, and you can see his cottage facing you. Check out the web site at http://www.gwi.net/~eagle/. The Peary-MacMillan Art Museum, located on the Bowdoin College Campus, is a side trip well worth taking. You may even see a polar bear!

Upper Flag Island is off to your right. If you look close, there is a green "day marker" in the channel and you may see the osprey nest on top. The red markers you see out in the water with the pointy tops are called "nuns'. The black or green markers with the flat top are called "cans". These markers assist boaters from running into hidden ledges under water. "Red - Right - Return" keeps a boater out of trouble when home from the sea. If you are lucky to be here around around 12:30pm in the summer months, you may see the Casco Bay Lines Nature Cruise that departs from Cooks Lobster on Bailey Island. Facing west you'll see Basin Point. The Dolphin Marina & Restaurant is there and is located off Ash Point Road.

Heading back on the west side of the Point, follow the clues........................ (measurements are adult size steps)

Find a rock that kids like to climb turn and face it
Line up the nun with the left end of the rock
So a green day marker is now at 9 o'clock.

Now turn back to three
Walk 8 steps more
You'll see a can in the water
at nine toward the far shore.
***New 5/6/06
Now do a 180, take 3 steps more
at 9 oclock in the banking you'll score!

The box is now a combination GeoCache & Letterbox,
so if you're letterboxing, please do not take any of the other treasures in the box. These are for GeoCachers.

Make sure you're stealthy in your quest as there are lots of people on nice days.

Heading back to your car, if the tide is still down, a walk back along the beach instead of by road is more enjoyable.

There's also a new path cutting thru the middle of the point, but be careful of the browntail moth dust which can get on your skin and make you break out with a poison-ivey type rash. (Duct tape tapped against your skin with help relieve the problem)! Ticks and poison ivy are also know to be in the area, so check yourself over.

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