Clean Water For All  LbNA # 14349

Placed DateApr 10 2005
LocationYork, ME
Found By Teacup
Last Found Nov 8 2009
Hike Distance?

No matter where you live in a watershed. What is a watershed? A Watershed is the area of land where all of the water that is under it or drains off of it goes into the same place, in this case “our” pond. The watershed area for the towns of York, Kittery and Eliot is comprised of several ponds; Chases, Welches, Folly, Middle, Bell Marsh and Boulter. As all of the other five ponds drain into “our” pond, it is the largest of the six.

The protection of Public Water Supplies will take on more significance as the Environmental Protection Agency and State Drinking Water Program’s rules will be requiring the Districts to do more testing and reporting on our raw water quality. The challenge will be to continue to allow limited recreational use of this protected area without this use interfering with the goal to enhance the raw water quality. The Districts intent is to continue to allow limited recreational use, to acquire as much of the watershed land as possible, to continue the source water monitoring program and to increase patrolling of these regions.

Efforts by the York and Kittery Water Districts have enabled us to use these PRIVATE lands. Please help protect it by reporting any suspicious activity to the authorities. Please respect the RULES OF USE which are posted at each entrance.

Find the entrance gate to “our” pond, off the road that does not bear the name of “our” pond but that of a nearby pond, not one of the watershed area. Stop at the first of the two gates, the smaller one of the two, near #223. Park beside the split rail fence along the roadside so you don’t block the gate.

is one of the first things you see.....then 15mph speed limit. Do we really go that fast?

Follow trail 134 steps (each footfall...and I have short legs) to a fork in the trail. Bear left at the fork and walk about 180 steps till you see ahead of you a “gateway” comprised of a double trunked evergreen tree on the left and a stone on the right. Turn Left just before this gateway and walk about 50 steps more. On your Right you will see a tree with a “bullseye” on it at about eye level. Turn Right. Go about 42 steps. You will see 6 old friends just standing around, a 7th one sleeping among them on the ground. Some of these friends are thin, some are medium, none are large but all are very tall. Look under the feet of the sleeping friend for your prize. Enjoy what you find and rehide it well for the next one to find.