The Only Ringtail I'VE Ever Seen in East Texas  LbNA # 14362

Placed DateApr 10 2005
LocationTatum, TX
Found By Lone Star Quilter
Last Found Sep 2 2009
Hike Distance?

All the information I could find about Ringtails says they are found right here in East Texas, but I've never seen one. It was so cute that Elmo had to carve it anyway! She did a great job at it - this is one of our best stamps.

Ringtails are nocturnal creatures that live in trees and are carnivorous. They look like a cross between a fox and a raccoon, but they are actually closely related to raccoons.

The box is located in Martin Creek Lake State Park. From Henderson, take Highway 43 East toward Tatum. The park is 15 miles from Henderson. If you get to Tatum, you've gone too far. Follow signs to the park. Enter the park and get a map. Note that on the map there are quite a few trails. The walking trails are marked by dashes and the bike trails are marked by dots. Focus on the dashes.

FIRST CAUTION: The trails I am going to take you down are criss-crossed by bike paths, so be sure to always stay on the footpath. Once on the trail, the footpath will be marked with a little walking dude on a sign and the bike path will be indicated by a bike on a sign. Only once will I direct you onto a bike path, and that is when you are closing in on the box.

Go to the amphitheater and park, then enter the trailhead across the road from the amphitheater marked "foot traffic only". Continue along the path, staying on the footpath until it splits at a bench. Take the right path and it will eventually lead you to run parallel to the Old Henderson Road (marked on the map). Continue along to a bridge.

When you reach the bridge, cross it and from the foot of the bridge, pace 28 paces to a bike trail that crosses the path. Turn left on the bike trail and pace 19 paces from the footpath, over a small bridge and up a small hill. At 19 paces, look due West and see a double pine tree off the trail. The box is behind the double pine, covered with pine straw and sticks. Please rehide well.

At this point, you are halfway around the trail, so why not continue on and enjoy the beautiful scenery?

SECOND CAUTION: This is a high POISON IVY area. Take appropriate measures based on your sensitivity.

THIRD CAUTION: Mosquitoes in this area are THICK and BIG! Spray down before you go in!

PACE: We used a 2 step pace and it was paced by a man, 5'8" tall.

P.S. Review the clues for and make plans to catch Lucy Locket's Coffee Break and Blue Butterfly's Harmony Hills box and her seven box series when you go to find this one!