Happy Place  LbNA # 14366

OwnerThe Weathergleams    
Placed DateApr 9 2005
Location???, ME
Found By ???
Last Found Aug 12 2007
Hike Distance?

Sometimes it is wedded; this one is wooded.

Seek happiness and the path is clearly blazed. Yet, some will tread a longer road than others.

For some, the ringhand path leads straight to an altar, a solitary stone where searching ends: if it is right, it is right, and you need only open the door. Once the secret is revealed, set your seals, and in leaving let the two be made one.

For others, happiness will not be found in any ring, for their path is a circle that does not close: they will follow more than six blazes beyond, beyond the point of no return. Take care in choosing: one path leads home and to things familiar, while the other is the path of uncertainty, risk as well as reward. Where will it lead? When will you see your home again? There are no guarantees. If you follow the blazes beyond this point, you go forewarned. For those who go on, the choice will be clear: to seek happiness in a oneness with nature; a quest that may be solitary but never lonely. Who can be truly alone by a stream tumbing down a rocky bed, in the shadow of birches and evergreens? A tall hardwood looks over your shoulder from above, rooted to the truth of one happiness found here.

Bring colorful ink, and enjoy.

The Weathergleams