Scout Pack 302 - The Wolf Trail  LbNA # 14369 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 9 2005
LocationRancho Cordova, CA
Found By Trimfam
Last Found Sep 30 2006
Hike Distance?

• Exit highway 50 on a road named after a closed Air Force Base that is now a major hub for United Parcel Service delivery jets.
• Head north.
• When you reach a road that shares the name of a prison that country singer Johnny Cash sang about, turn west.
• At a corner that once had a fast food joint that had “that frosty mug taste”, turn north (if you have not lived here long enough to remember that, there is a new fast food place on the corner named after someone’s dad).
• When you reach a street by the name of Large Earth in spanish, turn east. Make a u-turn and park your vehicle.
• Walk back to the “frosty mug taste” street and continue on foot north.
• You will soon reach the entrance to a park on the American River Parkway.
• Look for the park ranger shack in the middle of the road. A short distance past the shack, there will be a fork in the road. Choose the right fork.
• Continue northeast on this road until it dead ends at the Jedediah Smith Memorial Bike Trail. You will see a locked gate, an emergency call box on the bike trail, and directly across from the bike trail there is a gravel/broken asphalt trail.
• Cross the bike trail and continue north on the gravel/broken asphalt trail.
• Near the end of the gravel on the trail, to your left you will find a trail leading southwest. There is an uprooted tree that was cut to a stump with a chain saw at this trailhead.
• Turn onto this trail. Follow the trail through a dry ravine for some distance. To your left you will begin to see some river rocks. After these river rocks there will be a cross trail. To your left or directly south, it will lead up a steep embankment. To your right it will lead up another embankment. You will see in the distance a 6’ tall burnt tree stump.
• Walk to the burnt tree stump. 33 Paces directly north you will find a leaning tree that was burnt at its base. At the base will be a pile of rocks. Under the rocks there will be a Tupperware box with a blue top. Inside the box is the Pack 302 Wolf Scout letterbox. Congratulations! You have found it.
• After signing and stamping the book, please replace all of the rocks on top of the box to conceal it from view. Thanks! Hope you had fun.