Curious George  LbNA # 14370 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 4 2005
LocationColumbia, MO
Found By PoisonIvy
Last Found Apr 8 2006
Hike Distance?

Sorry to say, but George has gone missing. I'll replace him after the Mid-MO Spring LB Gatheirng. Let me emphasis the importance of proper re-hideation.

George has lost his way in Columbiaís Cosmo Park! Cosmo is a great park and thus is extremely busy. Please be extra discreet in your LBing and prudent in your re-hiding.

Cosmo is located just north of I 70 in Columbia. Exit at Stadium and I 70 then go north. Turn right onto Business Loop 70 West and the park will be on your left. The main entrance is easy to find. Once in the park find the Steinberg Playground. Itís huge and load of fun for the kids. Plan on an extra hour or two if the kids come along. Begin your search for George in the playground.

A pace equals 2 full steps. So say you step with your right foot, when your left foot lands, thatís one pace. Right steps, left steps and lands, thatís another pace.

Thereís a little bonus for the first five people who find George!

Go to Cosmo's main Playground. Find the single, long, straight green slide. Just to the left of the slide is a bench. Stand in front of the bench facing west. Straight ahead (12 'o'clock) you'll see a large green electrical box. Go to it and stand on its west side. Proceed to the large Sycamore tree straight ahead and stand on its west side. Facing west, locate the concrete bench and table at your 10 o'clock. Proceed to it. Move to the west side of the large pine with no top to your left. From here go 21 paces to a small tree near a pact of trees. Continues on a straight line another 14 paces until you're standing on the edge of the woods. You'll spot a large downed tree that has been cut up a bit, but the massive trunk is still mostly intact. Standing at the first fork up from the bottom, travel up the right branch to the second cut. here you'll find a large piece of the limb cut off and laying on the ground. It is hollow in the middle and contains the LB.

Properly re-hiding george is critical to keeping this monkey around.

Drop me a line and let me know how the little monkey is doing.

PSA: No LB should suffer from improper re-hidation! Re-hide with care.