Douglas Mountain  LbNA # 1438 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 6 2002
LocationSebago, ME
Planted ByKrissyFur    
Found By HappyFeet......
Last Found Nov 13 2010
Hike Distance?

UPDATE: 5/31/07 ~ Unfortunately I've been told this box was vandalized and left out to rot. :( The only thing that was left was the book and I'm uncertain of its fate at this point. I'd highly recommend someone place a new box there though! It's a GREAT location!

Placed: July 6th, 2002, my 24th Birthday!!!
By: Krink
Hiking: Easy to Moderate (my uncles 80 year old mother made it up, personally I think she must've been one buff, tough lady!)

Distance: 1/4 mile to trail, 1/4 mile to tower--with optional 3/4 mile extra loop nature trail.