On the Road  LbNA # 14390 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 9 2005
LocationSewanee, TN
Found By Sarah Bee
Last Found Jul 3 2010
Hike Distance?

Take a short walk around Sewanee, collecting letters of the alphabet that will lead you to the letterbox.

You’ll need pen and paper, and a stamp pad (I didn’t have one to put in the box).

Start at the University Bookstore. Just south of it, down some steps, you’ll see a ship. Stand in the bow – a la Leo and Kate – and imagine a line extending straight from the bow, up the hill and across the street. Disembark and follow this line to a sign. Write down the first letter of the word that appears four times on the sign.
Recross the street; write down the first letter of the street’s name.
Turn left and walk past the bookstore. Write down the last letter of the name of the person for whom the next building on your right is named.
Recross the street and walk to your right. You’ll soon come to a cross street. There’s a sign here with an arrow. Write down the last two letters on the sign.
You’ve completed the first word in the clue!

Turn left, down the cross street, and cross to the right-hand sidewalk. Continue down the hill – quite a ways – until you see a metal box, with buttons, mounted on a post. Write down the last letter of the word on the side of the box.
Continue straight until you see a stone circle with writing; write down the second set of double letters you see on it.
Turn right at the circle; walk past the romantic Victorian structure; at the fork, go left, under the fallen pine. Soon you’ll see a beech tree on the right – you’ll know it’s a beech tree! Just across the water from the tree is a stone bench. Write down the second letter of the last name of the man to whom the bench is dedicated.
Continuing down the path, you’ll come to a stone bridge. Write down the last digit of the graduating class of the man whom the bridge’s plaque honors.
Cross the bridge. On your right you’ll see a set of steps; at the base of the steps, set into the concrete, is a metal disc bearing two words in the center. Write down the middle letters of both these words.
You’ve finished the second word in the clue!

Go back to the path and turn right, away from the bridge, and up the hill; when you find another stone circle, write down the last letter (not digit!) that’s on the base on which the circle stands.
Turn right and go to the intersection; cross the street. Write down the first letter of the name of the street you’re crossing.
Walk down the other street (not the one you crossed) on the right-hand side. The second building on your right has a name beginning with a patronymic; discard those two letters and write down the next.
Then write down the first letter of the word describing the kind of people this building is for.
Continue straight, and you’ll soon see another metal box, silver, much larger and quite different from the first. Write down the last letter you see on it.
You’ve completed the last word in the clue!

Continue straight, and enter through the stone arch you’ll soon see on your right. Once inside, look for the first two words of the clue in one place. Stand before them and look for the third word; when you see it, raise your eyes along this line and you’ll see a large tree. The letterbox is at its base.
Good luck!