The Creature of Fountainhead Park - Part 2 of 6  LbNA # 14427

Placed DateApr 10 2005
LocationOccoquan, VA
Found By Night0wl
Last Found Dec 4 2012
Hike Distance?

Creature of Fountainhead Park – Part 2

10,000 Volt Monster carved by Sarah Pike
Spacekook/Robotman carved by Team Nashoba
Placed 4/10/05 by Knights of Columbo
2 Boxes Easy walk – kid and pet friendly

With the gang safely assembled back at the van, Fred decides it’s time to go looking for the creature of Fountainhead Park. Splitting up, Shaggy and Scooby are sent off down the White trail to see what they can find.

They huddle together as they pass the cemetery on their left but remember to stay on the white trail when they cross the blue. They come to a fork in the road where the white trail seems to be everywhere. Is it a trap? Picking at random, the friends take the trail to the right.

They pass a sign that announces a shortcut, but nothing about food. With no snack in sight they stay straight and follow the white trail. The deadfall looks storm damaged. What monster did all of this damage?

The path zigs and zags and then takes a sharp right turn. A short distance ahead they spy a fallen tree on the left of the trail. From the other end they hear a crackle and they see a strange glow. Gulping, they follow the tree to where it meets another. There…by the stump in a hollow on the left….there are logs hiding the 10,000 Volt Monster from them.

After stamping in and rehiding carefully they run screaming off remembering to continue on down the trail. The trail curves back on itself and the 10,000 Volt Monster starts to come for them. Scooby hops on Shaggy’s back and the chase is on.

They don’t even notice the three in one tree on their right. Just when they think they may have lost the monster they see a tree that’s been cut to allow for the trail. There’s also a windblown tree looks like it’s reaching for them, but they’re too tired to continue. Taking a breather they sit on the cut through tree for a moment on the left of the trail.

At the end of the tree they here what sounds like a laugh so they leap back up and run terrified down the trail in search of the others. If they had stayed they would have found Spacekook conspiring with Robotman undernearth the other large dead tree near its top. nd a few feet to the right of the V.

Our terrified heroes continue on the twists and turns. They go left at the CHOP tree to stay on the white trail and then right again at the Y. Turn left at the sign and run back to the Mystery machine for reinforcements.