He Said...She Said...#1  LbNA # 14428

OwnerWhat If? Why Not!    
Placed DateApr 6 2005
LocationTopeka, KS
Found By LostLibraryGirl
Last Found Jan 5 2008
Hike Distance?

WHO SAID: "(I am) a bulldog running along at the feet of Jesus, barking at what he doesn’t like."

Dressed in black, this crusader began walking through the streets of Topeka on January 26, 1901. This person was filled with a determination to close liquor outlets and the means for accomplishing this task escalated from non-violent means to more aggressive action as like-minded citizens joined in and formed bands of "Home Defenders." They smashed their first joint, Topeka’s Senate Saloon, in mid-February of that year. A sympathizer presented this person with a Crandall hammer, and it was used to good effect in many anti-saloon crusades before this wicked-looking hammer was donated to the Kansas Museum of History.



Walking Distance: Approx. 1 mile

Incline: Minor

Kid Friendly: Yes

Compass Needed: Not really

Getting There:

From I-70, take the Wanamaker exit (#356). At the stoplight turn south/left on Wanamaker. At 10th Street turn west/right and drive about one mile. At the stop sign turn north/right on Urish Road. Right before the bridge which is marked "One Lane Bridge" turn east/right and you will enter the "back drive" for the Kansas History Center and Museum. An old white school house sits on the south side of the road. Leave your car in the parking lot for that school. (Note: There is a gate at the entrance to the property. Even though the sign says the gate is to remained closed, it seems to be open much of the time. If it is closed, you might park on Urish and walk around the gate or you could go back to exit 356 and follow museum signs to parking on the far east side of the buildings. If you choose to do that, check the large Trail sign and follow the trail that goes west of the buildings and includes a rope bridge.)

Finding the Box:

Go north from the school parking lot. After reading the information sign about the 1870 bowstring arch truss bridge--the Wea Creek Bridge--cross it and wind your way north and east through the prairie grasses. Always stay on the mulched path. At Prairie Grass Circle veer east/right and continue on the path until you come to a "rope/swinging" bridge.

Cross this bridge and go up the steps. Just to the north of the top steps look for a fallen tree trunk (felled by the Crandall hammer?!). The box, stamp and answer you seek are tucked into this trunk.

Be sure to replace the coverings very carefully--the box could be visible from 3 directions.

If you have time to go through the museum, there’s a chance you might be able to view the Crandall hammer. When you return home, we’d love to receive a report on this letterbox.