The Creature of Fountainhead Park - Part 3 of 6  LbNA # 14446

Placed DateApr 10 2005
LocationOccoquan, VA
Found By Night0wl
Last Found Jan 2 2013
Hike Distance?

Creature of Fountainhead Park – Part 3

Snowghost carved by Jacks
Momba Womba carved by Team Tired Feet
Haunted House carved by Scarab of The Doubtful Guests
Mystery Machine carved by The Alphabet Bandits

Four boxes - Placed 4/10/05 by Knights of Columbo
Trail – Moderate with lots of going up and down and several stream crossings. Okay for kids if they can handle lots of walking.

Leaving Shaggy and Scooby to recover in the mystery machine with a box of Scooby snacks Fred, Velma and Daphne go off to find out more about these so called monsters.
Unfortunately Shaggy’s directions were not very clear and when the group got to the shortcut sign they went downhill to the right instead of straight ahead.

It’s all very quiet in the woods as they continue through the steep switchback and over a bridge. Up they go still finding nothing that might be a monster. Not ready to give up they continue on as the trail turns left at the top of the hill.
“Jinkies!” yells Velma. “I think I see a clue”
She goes off to investigate a fallen tree on the right of the trail. At its base she uncovers the Snowghost! .

Startled by the monster, Velma trips and loses her glasses. While Fred and Daphne help look for those you can stamp in quickly and then continue on the trail. Daphne points out the comfy Eagle Scout benches on the left, but Fred decides it’s best to stay on the trail as it curves to the right.

While Scooby and Shaggy are back at the van probably eating pizza after pizza you’re stuck with trying to find a good place to cross the stream since this one doesn’t come with a convenient bridge. Try not to get too wet while jumping it and then head up the hill. At least someone cut a pathway through that tree so that you didn’t need to clamber over!

With the huge downed tree the atmosphere was spooky and sure to hold a monster nearby. Nearby they spy a pile of rocks right near the trail. If they’d started from the Y shape tree it would have taken about forty steps to get there. Quiet as can be Fred moved the mossy covered rocks aside and found Momba Womba. They stamp in and Fred stacks the rocks back on him carefully to keep him from following them out.

They continue on the trail. Thankfully at this next stream crossing there are at least some rocks to help you along. However, yes that is another hill you’ll be going up and down and then one more stream to cross.

Follow the trail left after the stream and up another hill as the path just keeps curving and curving.

“What is that??” Velma pointed off a bit down the trail. They went towards it passing the large stumps on the left and a smaller stump up ahead of that on the right. From that stump they followed the logs by the right of the trail down. Hidden well underneath the log right before branches cross is the Haunted House.

“This must be where all the monsters are coming from.” Fred commented as he pulled up a spot to stamp in.
Daphne rubbed her feet for a moment. “Why are they all together like this? Normally we only have to deal with one at a time!”
“I don’t know” Velma replied, getting ready to continue on. “but I’d like to find out!”

With aching feet they continue to forge ahead crossing yet another bridge and up and down another steep hill. No clues presented themselves so on they went. Yet another bridge and up another hill. How much longer can this continue??

Wait! Are those cars in the distance? Yes, it looks like Shaggy has brought the Mystery machine to get you out. To meet up with him you go down the hill and stop just before the wooden step. As Shaggy finds a good place to park you continue twenty steps up the trail and spy a rock to the left. Turn to face the rock and walk ten steps. There you’ll find the Mystery Machine waiting for you in the hollow of the tree behind a rock.

You can now choose:

Tired of walking the trail? Go south past the letterbox to the road and follow that to the right to get to the parking lot. With no leaves you can see the road from the trail.

Or you can go back and continue along the trail. Pass a wire fence. At the four way intersection you go straight onto the white trail and follow that to parking lot. The trail to the right is the Blue trail. That will also take you to the parking lot past the maintenance yard. Or again you can bail and go out to the road. Maybe Shaggy will let you ride in the Mystery Machine!