Mosquito Lake Series - Squirrel Run Trail  LbNA # 14454

OwnerThe Cats Meow    
Placed DateApr 14 2005
LocationCortland; Bazetta Twp., OH
Found By catseye
Last Found Sep 4 2010
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In 1930's, plans were drawn up to dam the Mosquito Creek under the Federal Flood Control Act to alleviate floods on the Mahoning, Beaver and Ohio rivers. The dam would also provide domestic water supply for the city of Warren and pollution abatement as a result of the industrialized steel production along the Mahoning River. Completed in April 1944, the dam's capacity held 34 billion gallons of water covering 7,850 acres of land. In 1946. the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers entered into an agreement with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to manage the recreation on the lake.

Water recreation, hiking, camping and picnicking attract visitors to Mosquito Lake, one of the largest lakes in Ohio. Mature woodlands and vast marshes provide safe haven for wildlife and will delight nature enthusiasts.

Please note that Squirrel run trail is often muddy and hiking boots are strongly recommended. Also, you will need a compass

DIRECTIONS: Take St. Rt. 305 West to the main entrance of Mosquito Lake Park. Park will be on your right. Turn into entrance and make a right on the first road.

Clues: Park in the SE corner of the lot. Turn and look at the swings. The lake will be to your left. Walk towards the restrooms you see in the distance past the swings. Just past the rest rooms is a gravel path. Go right. The path will come to a "T" go to the right. Continue straight on the path until you come to a second set of restrooms. Just beyond the restrooms is Squirrel Run Trail. Walk the trail until you come to where the trail splits to the left and the right. Go to the first tree in the center of the split. Go off the path to your left 26 steps and stop. There should be a large tree to your left. (compass reading of 160 degrees). Walk 29 steps at 220 degrees looking for a small stump with two fallen trees by it. The box is at the base of the 2nd fallen tree.

Please be sure to rehide the box and drop me a note at letting me know the status of the box.

As always, happy hunting!

~The Cats Meow~