The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe  LbNA # 14458

OwnerSophie & Me    
Placed DateApr 17 2005
LocationMilwaukee, WI
Found By Froschschadel
Last Found Sep 26 2015
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Last EditedSep 26 2015

Last checked and found in place 4/08


On your trip through Narnia, it would be in your best interest to bring the following items with you: good walking/hiking shoes, a compass, your personal stamp and logbook, an inkpad or markers, a pen or pencil, and bug spray if you are searching during the summer months.

The Wardrobe Box:
To gain entrance into Narnia, you must first find the magical wardrobe. To successfully search for the wardrobe, start at Veterans Park. You can park your car on Lagoon Drive. Once you have parked your car, venture back toward the stoplights. Cross over Lincoln Memorial Drive by taking the pedestrian bridge. When you get to the pedestrian stop sign, head north up the paved walking trail, following the metal fence on your right. When you get to the end of the fence keep your eye on the woods and structures on the left side of the trail. Walk past the retaining wall on the left and keep walking until you see a white post with a black top on it. Take a bearing of 20 degrees from the post and spot the stump of a willow tree, about 10 steps away. The Wardrobe Box is hidden in the base of that trunk, nestled under some rocks and bricks.

Mr. Tumnes Box:
Now that you have found the wardrobe, you are officially in Narnia! Continue back to the paved path head north. (You will walk past the Alterra Coffee Shop on your right. This might be a good time to make a slight detour and stop in for some coffee, hot chocolate or tea to fend off the chilly Narnia temperatures!) Soon you will find that the path divides. Take the path on the right, heading northeast, (the one that goes up the hill, not under the bridge). Walk on the path until you come to a sidewalk. Go right on the sidewalk and cross Lafayette Hill Road. Head east on the sidewalk, taking notice of the streetlamp on your left hand side. When you get to the street lamp that has the Oak Leaf Trail sign on it, stop. Soon you will meet Mr. Tumnes and he will ask you “Are you a son of Adam or a daughter of Eve?” And then he will invite you back to his home. Now look you your right. You will see a grassy area and a small patch of woods at about 180 degrees. Look for a small dirt path heading into the woods and go to it. Shortly after you start walking down the path, you will see two large trees on your right. The second tree on your right has a bunch of big stones under it, kind of creating a wall. Look for a large, oblong-shaped rock beneath the tree. By this rock should be a small rock that will come loose when you pull on it. If you remove the rock and some debris, you will find the home of Mr. Tumnes. Once you have found Tumnes, be careful to not let him lull you to sleep with his flute, and be careful not to let other humans see you. That might cause suspicion, and someone might alert the White Witch! Stamp up and return him to his hiding place.

Turkish Delight Box:
Go back to the streetlamp you were standing at before and continue east. Cross the street and enter Back Bay Park. Head in the direction of 120 degrees to find some wooden stairs. Go down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, head north along the tree line. If you stay along the tree line, you will eventually come to a couple of green metal boxes. Stop at the smaller, stout box. Walk 35 paces from that box and look to your left. You should see a small rock barrier wall. You will notice how the wall kind of crumbles away at one point, and there is a medium-sized tree above where it is falling apart. Look just below the right side of the tree, under some stones. Here is your Turkish Delight! (Compliments of the White Witch. She senses you are human and is trying to tempt you to bring others to this place!) Stamp up, re-hide, then head east to the cement path, and then head north.

Soon you will come upon a large space surrounded by an iron fence. As you look up the hill, you will see the palace of the White Witch! Look in her garden, and see all the poor, unfortunate souls she has turned to stone!
Quickly and quietly pass by to avoid alerting her guards! (Okay, I know it's really just the Villa Terrace Museum, but isn't it fun to pretend?)

The Beaver Box:
Keep going along the paved walkway. Cross E. Water Tower Road. You will walk on this trail for a while. Go under the ramp leading to Bradford Beach, and carry on about a quarter of a mile longer until you come to a paved path on your left. Take the path as it changes from paved to dirt and stone. Walk up this incline, go under the metal bridge above and over the wooden bridge that comes just after that. When you come to the very last fence post on the right side of the bridge, stop and count 30 steps further. You should see a large willow tree on your right. The box is hidden in a hole in the northern base of this tree. This is where you will find the home of Mr. And Mrs. Beaver. They will allow you to stay with them and be safe for a while. They will tell you stories about how things used to be in Narnia, before the White Witch came. They will ruefully tell you how in Narnia, it is now always winter, and never Christmas……but that will soon change, once Aslan returns! Stamp up and re-hide them safe and sound.

Aslan Box:
Go back the way you came until you have gone back over the wooden bridge and find yourself standing under the metal bridge. If you look to your left, you will see path that leads up the hill to the top of the bridge. When you get to the top, you should see a lighthouse. Turn right and venture to the paved path. Head south and cross the bridge guarded by the stone lions. This must mean Aslan’s den is close by! When you reach the other side of the bridge, head to a park bench on the left, about 40 paces from the lions. Next to this bench is a lightpost. Walk 10 paces east from the lamp post to a "V" shaped cluster of trees. This is where Aslan's den is, in a tangle of roots at the bottom of these trees, facing the lake! Stamp up and re-hide carefully.(This is a busy area, so please be cautious not to give away the secret hiding place to others!) Hooray! Spring has finally come to Narnia!

To get back to your starting point, you can backtrack to the paved walkway along the lakefront and head south. The area from which you started will be about a mile down. Be sure to reward yourself for a job well done by stopping by one of the ice cream or hotdog vendors you might see along the way back!

I’d like to include a special thanks to “Russia” for contributing her artistic skills in carving the stamps and assisting with the box placement! Spaseeba bolshoy, Valentina!

This is our first letterbox placement. Your feedback about the search would be greatly appreciated as well as updates as to the status and conditions of the boxes!


Sophie & Me