Lance's Fish Tank 8-11  LbNA # 14481

OwnerKimono Girl    
Placed DateApr 16 2005
LocationSullivan, IL
Found By Jaxom and Sharra
Last Found May 2 2009
Hike Distance?

5/2/09: Boxes #9 and 11 are believed to be in good shape according to finder reports. The stamp for box #10 is totally disintegrated and will need to be recarved and replaced.

From Sullivan, take route 32 south. Turn right at the VFW, then turn left at the T-road (first turn option you have), then right at the next available turn. Go straight over the bridge and the parking lot is the first turn on the left after the bridge.

Difficulty: Boxes 1-6,Moderate-Boxes 6-11,Difficult. The clues are fairly straightforward but if you plan on searching for all of the stamps in this series it will be a fairly long hike (3-4 hours) and I do not recommend it for very young children. Be sure to bring plenty of water, especially if you plan on visiting during warm weather. These stamps are part of an 11-stamp series. Some of the trails you will be hiking are narrow bike trails, so watch out for bikes. Also, parts of the trail are quite rough (strollers are definitely out of the question here) so keep an eye out for roots and loose gravel. Some of the clues will take you off the main trail and up/down some fairly steep slopes. Please use caution if crossing wooden structures that have obviously been neglected for some time. Recently the local mountain bike club has done a marvelous job of cleaning up the park and removing or repairing wooden structures but you may still encounter some that are less than sound. Also keep in mind that these trails go through the woods, be sure to do a tick check when you are done and keep an eye out for poison ivy (I did not see any in the vicinity of the boxes but it does grow in the area) and brambles (which are in the vicinity of some boxes). Also, there are many black locust trees in the area so keep an eye on small children and dogs for thorns.

Lance’s Fish Tank #8, Barbus titteya **THIS BOX IS MISSING! Due to the lack of activity at this location I do not plan to recarve and replant at this time. If, at a later date, letterboxing activity in the area increases I may reconsider.**
Continue along the trail. When you meet the trail marker, ignore the arrow again and always take the trail to the left until the pond once more lies to your left. Soon you will come to a bench overlooking the pond. Have a seat and rest a while before going on over the “bridge” and up the stairs. Follow the path down the hill and around the bend. Oh the carnage! Find the 17 and turn your back on it. There you will find B. titteya in the center of the log. Turn around and go back the way you came.

Lance’s Fish Tank #9, Barbus rhomboocellatus
Pass a large treefall on the right and look to the right of the road for a grassy path into the forest. Step over the log and into the forest. When you come to a large tree at the right of the trail, turn and look for the stump of a similar sized tree that no longer stands. Make your way over to this stump and walk around the fallen tree. You may find B. rhomboocellatus tucked away beneath this giant log.

Lance’s Fish Tank #10, Corydoras arcuatus
Find your way back to the trail and continue to the road. Go around the gate and follow the marked trail along the road. Soon the trail will dive back into the forest. Just before you cross the bridge, stop and look to your right. C. arcuatus is wedged under the bridge on the right hand side. When you are done continue up the hill and into the open.

Lance’s Fish Tank #11, Corydoras bicolor
Follow the trail parallel to the road until you come to a field. Here, turn right and follow the grassy path between the field and the trees. Given the option, go straight. Turn again at the next intersection and head north until you see a stand of trees on your left. Upon closer inspection you will see the charred stump. Wander over to this stump and be sure to mind any thorny plants along your way. Facing the stump in the direction you were traveling on the path notice how large this tree once was. It must’ve been a giant in it’s day, perhaps a horse chestnut like the little ones behind you? Search the far left side of this stump and you will find C. bicolor buried under the leaves. When you return to the trail, continue north, then turn east and follow the trail along the road and back to the parking lot.