Windmill  LbNA # 14495 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 15 2005
LocationBatavia, IL
Planted BySusan & the girls    
Found By Illinois travelers
Last Found Nov 26 2006
Hike Distance?

At Fabayan Parkway go North on Route 25 to the parking lot on the right by the Windmill.

Go to the north side of windmill.Walk past a small brown building to the path straight ahead. At the concrete area turn right and go under the road. Sing "Mary had a little lamb" before exiting the other side. Bring your echo with you as you duck through the hole in the concrete on the right. Walk the creek bed staying to the right at all the forks. Careful on the rip rap as you head up the stairs on the left. Take the path on the left. Don't cross the bridge or you'll be lost. Take the first path to the right. Tip toe through the muck. At the "Y" hang to the left. Cross two stacks of logs on the path. Having fun? You're almost done! If you're too tall duck under the arch, then hop over a log on the path. At the clearing with the picnic table turn left, then right on the next path. Muck, muck, that's bad luck! At the end of a long log on the right side of the path, take about 35 paces straight ahead where you will see two large trees huddling together. Walk 23 paces in the woods to the big oak tree where you'll find our box hidden nearby.

On this hike be sure to look for animal prints and wild flowers. They are everywhere. COULD BE A BUGGIE HIKE!!! Might want to take along bug spray.