Redwall Series: Salamandastron  LbNA # 14527

OwnerBobCat Crew    
Placed DateApr 11 2005
LocationMontross, VA
Found By redlights
Last Found Jan 30 2011
Hike Distance?

Salamandastron is located in Westmoreland State Park which is located off Rt. 3 near Montross.

If you are coming down from the north, go south on I-95 to Fredericksburg. Get off on the Rt. 3 EAST exit and travel about 40 miles. There is a sign for the park on Rt.3.

If you are coming from Tidewater, take Rt. 17 NORTH to Tappahannock. In Tappahannock, take U.S. 360 EAST to Warsaw. Pick up Rt.3 and head WEST.

If you are coming from Richmond, take U.S.360 EAST to Tappahannock etc.
Yes, it is way out there, but it is worth the trip.



1. Park at the trail head for the Turkey Neck Trail. Look for it on the right as you drive down the park entrance road. This will be about a 3 mile hike.

2. Face map kiosk and head to the right (south) down the Turkey Neck Trail.

3. At the T intersection, turn LEFT and continue down the trail towards the intersection with the Beaver Dam trail.

4. At the trail split, stay to the RIGHT. There is a Turkey Neck and Beaver Dam Trail sign.

5. Continue on the Turkey Neck Trail past the intersection with the Beaver Dam Trail.

6. Hike down the trail until you see a distinctive huge leaning stump on the left side of the trail. It is a sawed off tree that is still quite tall. It’s about 10 ft. tall and is right beside the trail.

7. Walk just past the stump and go in behind it to the root ball. There is a clearing.

8. Starting with your back at the root ball, walk about 25 steps at 300 degrees to two separate tall trees by a patch of laurel (always green). At the bottom of the trees are two logs that make an X.

9. The box is at the base of the tree that is to the left of the X, under a piece of wood. As always watch out for snakes and spiders.

10. If the trail curves to the right and starts going downhill, you have gone too far.

11. To return you can either:

1. Continue on the trail, follow it to the intersection with the Beaver Dam Trail, go up the Beaver Dam Trail (there is someone else’s box on this trail), and reconnect with the Turkey Neck Trail to retrace back to your car. This route goes along the edge of a swamp and can get very soggy, but is neat.
2. Turn around and go back the way you came. When you get to the intersection with the Beaver Dam Trail, you can take a side trip to get the box planted on that trail.
3. If you want to hike way more than 3 miles, take the Turkey Neck Trail to where it connects with the trail that goes down to the beach where the sharks teeth are. Consult your map.