Graveyard G-Romp  LbNA # 14540

Placed DateApr 15 2005
LocationDecatur, GA
Planted BySePTeMBER    
Found By fuzzylogic
Last Found Mar 8 2010
Hike Distance?


This county seat is known as an historic city of homes, schools and places of worship there is a large public cemetery. It is the oldest publicly owned burial ground in Metro Atlanta. There are two entrances to the cemetery – these clues start at the large stone gate off of Commerce Ave, across from the parking lot of the Decatur First United Methodist Church. You can drive and park along any of the roads; the clues begin at the stone gate, on foot.

There are two boxes at this time -- more may be added later!

BOX #1
Gazebo Glimpse

Enter this final resting place
Going at a walking pace
Read the plaque beyond the gate
When it opened -- note the (18xy) date

A red handle you will spy
Water there if you try
Down the road another one
Red handle –try it just for fun

From this towards rising sun plus twenty
Take steps – a total yx less 1 is plenty
Looking down you will see
Stone with initials CMC

Ahead is obelisk C Murphey
Civil War hero as you see
To your right at the edge of the plot
You will find what you have sought

Under wall, by the double trunked trees
Hide it back so no one sees!

BOX #2
Goose Gander

Back to the road and to your right
2 more red handles are in sight
Continue on; from the fourth you have seen
Look towards water surrounded by green

To get there you must go down
Grassy steps past ivy grown
As you descend look for a plot
With three Branches and curved bench to spot

White gravel fills it – go on past
Down to where many roads meet at last
Do not take the one less traveled by
But climb upwards ‘till you spy

Many stones – first spy one with
An arch; then ones for Lewis and Smith.
Stay on the pavement by the curb –
Do not these resting places disturb.

Next urns – on top, then one beside
Continue until 2 crosses you have spied.
An upwards glance to Williams on black
You are staying right on track.

From Williams, face downhill and then look right
A stump and two trees you must sight.
The tree with the highest elevation
Hides your treasure for the duration.

After you stamp, return it to
It’s hidey hole for someone new
To find it later – cover it well
Beneath the bark so no one can tell.