Kudzu Pi  LbNA # 14555

Placed DateApr 18 2005
LocationAtlanta/Decatur, GA
Found By HelperMonkey
Last Found Feb 21 2010
Hike Distance?

Finding a place to park will be the hard part of this adventure! Bring a stamp pad, log, compass,and pen.
NOTE: New and improved stamp as of 10-24-2005!!

Begin at the entrance to Lullwater Park on Clifton Road near the intersection of Haygood Dr & Asbury Cir near Emory Univ. Follow the paved road down the hill and around the curve. Continue until you reach the Tudor-style home occupied by the President of the University.

Take the left fork of the paved road and follow along until you hear the mill creek falling over the spillway. Take the main footpath through the trees until you reach the sandy banks of the creek. Just below the spillway there is a fallen tree that acts as a bridge. Cross it and check out the stone millhouse on the other side. Creepy! All around the edges of the clearing kudzu vines snake up tree trunks and smother the brush. It's one saving grace? Quaint lavender flowers that smell faintly of grape Nehi soda!

From the doorway of the millhouse, face East and walk twelve steps, then follow the footpath Southeast into the forest--no more than 17 steps. Turn west and take 7 steps over a rise toward a very large poplar tree standing sentinal above the spillway. At its base, turn around. The Kudzu Pi box is hidden beneath some sticks inside an old stump just below the rise. Watch for spies across the creek before removing it. Stamp up then hide it again as found. [This is box #1 in the "Pi" box series to be placed by students from Paideia School.]

Retrace your steps back to the paved path. Continue left to the lake or return the way you came. **The Lullwater Easter Egg Box is farther along in the park.